When you think of beekeeping, Melbourne probably doesn’t come to mind. But Justin Bumpstead, the owner of Bumpstead Family Apiaries, is working to change that — and he’s doing it on a .melbourne domain.

Justin is a fourth-generation beekeeper. His great-grandfather, grandfather, and father were all hobbyist beekeepers. Initially, he followed in their footsteps.

But today’s bees are facing numerous challenges that weren’t quite so prevalent several decades ago: loss of their habitat, climate change effects and bee-killing pesticides are all contributing to a threat to bee populations around the world. It was these reasons that led Justin to consider creating a business around the bees he already looked after.

Bumpstead Family Apiaries was founded a year ago as a way “not only to produce great honey and beeswax products, but also to conserve the bees,” he said.

Justin has a separate full-time job, so he knew a bricks-and-mortar shop wasn’t in the cards for his fledgling business. Instead, he set his sights on creating a website where people in the Melbourne area could learn about bees, the benefits that products derived from bees offer, and order from the comfort of their own home.

“Bumpsteadfamilyapiaries.com.au isn’t very easy for people to remember,” Justin said. “When I give my actual company name, I have to spell it out for people.” Knowing that a long, complicated web address would reduce the chances of people visiting his website, Justin opted for a .melbourne domain name instead — www.localhoney.melbourne.

“It’s very, very simple to share with people,” he said. “Local honey was a great name for us. It’s got keywords built right in for SEO purposes, and .melbourne includes the location we operate in. It sets us apart from big, mass-produced honey retailers.”

Justin says that people are always pleasantly surprised when they hear his website’s address. “They ask if it’s localhoney.melbourne.com.au. When I say, ‘No, it’s just .melbourne,’ they say, ‘How cool is that?!’”

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