Voted the world’s most liveable city for the seventh time in a row in 2017, Melbourne is the cultural hub of Australia. And along with its vibrant cosmopolitan community, the city has embraced cultures and flavours from around the world, resulting in an amazingly varied food industry.

It’s the perfect city for a business like Queenie’s Food Tours, which showcases Melbourne’s wide range of bars, cafes, and restaurants to visitors and locals alike.

Local flavour

Founded in 2013, Queenie’s Food Tours have won international acclaim for their guided adventures into the city’s foodie scene. And to drive traffic to their online booking site, the small business relies on its geographic web address, Not only is the domain name easy to remember, but it also allows Queenie’s to describe exactly what they offer at a glance.

Why .melbourne works

The guides at Queenie’s are food lovers who carefully choose their tour destinations to take in the best dessert shops, gourmet stores, chocolatiers, and cheesemongers.

By using a .melbourne web address, Queenie’s has two of the most important aspects of their business, “food tours” and “Melbourne,” right in the web address. It’s the perfect punchy web address for marketing campaigns and SEO. Because these terms match what people interested in joining a food tour in the city will be searching for, .melbourne likely organically boosts Queenie’s position in search engines, driving more traffic to their site — and their tours.

A uniquely Melbourne address

It’s not just Queenie’s Food Tours that can take advantage of a .melbourne domain name, either. Increasingly, other small businesses throughout the region are realising that using a geographic web address helps establish them as an industry leader in the city. People immediately understand where the business is located, and savvy marketers can capitalise on widely used search terms to stand out from the crowd.

Plus, even if you already have a website, you can still take advantage of .melbourne benefits. A localised domain name is the perfect tool to use in marketing campaigns. You can send visitors to an easy-to-remember landing page that redirects to your main website — it’s the best of both worlds.

If you have a uniquely Melbourne small business, make sure you have a unique web address, too.