Do you find yourself implementing great keywords – but when you look at your rankings, your website hasn’t moved at all?

We take a look at how a local .melbourne domain can help boost your rankings.

 Benefits of a local domain

Optimising a website for a local area means you’re able to draw in high-quality traffic and localized domains bring many advantages to websites that use them. There are many ways to develop your business’s SEO and marketing, and a .melbourne extension is a great way to improve it.

Good SEO can turn a struggling business into a thriving enterprise. Simply, showing up in more searches relating to what your company does helps customers find you. Using a localized domain can assist a business rank higher in local search results which helps drive foot traffic and customers, making the most out of local business’ SEO. If a search is conducted for a hair salon in Melbourne, it might read “haircut melbourne”. Since the site has both “hair” and “melbourne” as part of its web address, search engines recognize this as highly authoritative and relevant, giving it priority over a less authoritative domain. It’s this built-in SEO value that has made .melbourne the domain extension for savvy websites looking to increase their SEO ranking through their domain extension. A .melbourne has immense value for your SEO and it also helps your branding too, as potential customers can tell at a glance where your business is located.

Choose your domain name wisely

Selecting your domain name should not be taken lightly – there are a number of things to consider when choosing your domain from an SEO point of view:

  • Location – If you’re a local business, consider choosing a .melbourne as it shows your customers where you are from, if you run Penguin tours in Melbourne, registering will help your prospects recognize you as a business located in Melbourne and they may be more likely to click on your site.
  • All domain spaces are not equal – Some domain spaces can be associated with spam or low quality sites. They might be cheap to register, but it’s better to stay away from them for your business. More premium, reputable domain spaces, such as .com, .melbourne, .sydney or .co are more trusted by potential customers and hence more valuable to your online business.
  • Keep it short and simple – Long domain names are hard to remember, easy to misspell, and don’t look good on marketing collateral. Choosing a short domain and keeping it simple is a good idea. So if your business name is Bill and Andrew’s Non Dairy Ice Cream Company, instead of registering the full business name, the domain might be a better way to go.

Using a .melbourne can help to launch local businesses to the top of their respective fields, and position them as the premier company in their industry.

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