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Getting Your Business Online is Easier Than You Think — Check out this step by step guide


In today’s digital age--when almost everything is online and everyone is carrying around smartphones, laptops, and tablets--many small businesses are delaying setting up an online presence. Now more than ever if your business isn’t online, people are not going to be able to find you. If you have a business and want to take the [...]

Mr Percival Cafe & Restaurant owner says .melbourne has increased brand awareness & revenue


Tucked away in a laneway south of Melbourne's CBD, Mr Percival is a modern, elegant cafe and eatery providing much-needed sustenance and caffeine to the nearby offices and residents. Without the luxury of busy main-road foot traffic, Mr Percival owner Anthony D'Augello Erm says the website has been vital to increasing awareness - and the [...]

Why domain names are the new real estate boom


In many ways, the Internet is like the housing market. There are expensive areas and more affordable areas. There are regions that have an established history and there are newer developments. There are people who buy up anything they can, speculating on investments they hope will increase in value; and there are those who wait [...]

Four great daytrips outside the city


Four great daytrips outside the city Melbourne is packed with diverse and memorable landmarks, experiences and places to visit. Whether you’re a visitor or a lifelong local, there are countless ways to spend a day in Melbourne – from the iconic sites like Federation Square and Melbourne Museum, to the hidden gems that [...]

5 questions to ask yourself when you’re experiencing burnout


5 questions to ask yourself when you’re experiencing burnout Burnout can be really common – especially among startups and entrepreneurs, where the line between work and play, professional and private can be increasingly blurred. Psychology Today says the key symptoms of burnout can include “signs of physical and emotional exhaustion” like chronic fatigue, insomnia, [...]

7 Instagram-worthy cafes in Melbourne


7 Instagram-worthy cafes in Melbourne Melbourne has long had a reputation for coffee – from a classic Italian espresso in Carlton, to a perfect morning commute pick-me-up in the CBD, to a ‘peak Melbourne’ deconstructed hipster cappuccino – you can find it all within Melbourne’s suburbs and city cafes. But let’s face it, nowadays [...]

Watch: How this local business used two words to perfectly describe their product


When you think of beekeeping, Melbourne probably doesn’t come to mind. But Justin Bumpstead, the owner of Bumpstead Family Apiaries, is working to change that — and he’s doing it on a .melbourne domain. Justin is a fourth-generation beekeeper. His great-grandfather, grandfather, and father were all hobbyist beekeepers. Initially, he followed in their footsteps. But [...]

Stay warm: 6 of Melbourne’s cosiest pubs for winter


The temperatures are dropping and winter is definitely headed to Melbourne. But that doesn’t mean you need to stick indoors until September. There are tons of bars that give off the right winter vibes: comfortable seating, cosy atmospheres, and maybe even a fireplace or two. When the weather outside is frightful, here are the bars [...]

April 2018 Showcase


Every month, we highlight some of the coolest .melbourne sites we’ve seen around the web. We love seeing the diversity of businesses, organisations, and individuals making their mark online with a local domain extension. Here are a few that caught our eye in April. Play Melbourne www.play.melbourne We love how the team at Visit Victoria [...]

18 apps to help grow your local business and get noticed online


Startup entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to work smarter and grow faster. But small teams and limited budgets mean you can only do so much on your own. That’s why it makes sense to rely on innovative business applications to pick up the slack wherever possible. After all, if other companies have figured out [...]

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