Flower Drum

People right across Melbourne know that since 1975 Flower Drum is the place for the best in Cantonese cuisine, fine wines and impeccable service. Unfortunately this foodie landmark was hard to find online, as the obvious domain names for Flower Drum were already taken by other businesses.

Now Flower Drum Restaurant has a domain name that instantly connects them with their home city – www.flowerdrum.melbourne.

“At Flower Drum we’re obsessed about the best in food, wine and service, so we were disappointed when we had to compromise on our domain name. We couldn’t get our first choice and have ended up being confused with other businesses in Australia and overseas who use Flower Drum in their name. Melbourne is our home and we’re passionate about being a key part of Melbourne’s vibrant food scene. Our new web address is so much better. It instantly conveys that we’re the Flower Drum Restaurant of Melbourne.”

– Jason Lui, General Manager

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