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How ASAP Locksmiths Succeeded With a .melbourne Domain

Located in Melbourne’s Windsor neighbourhood, ASAP Locksmith delivers a broad selection of maintenance and installation services to a diverse range of residential and commercial customers.

The business already had an existing client list, but wanted to deepen their reach in the market. With more than 30 years of serving the area, their brand was well known locally, but their reputation as a market leader across the city only came after significant investment in their brand. 

As part of an attempt to expand into greater Melbourne and to recover from damage to their previous domain, the company moved to a .melbourne domain in January 2015. They immediately saw a massive increase in traffic and page one rankings for relevant keywords. The .melbourne domain was one of the first geographic top-level domains (geoTLD) rolled out to offer domain owners more flexibility in how they market and present their website.

ASAP Locksmith were one of the first adopters of .melbourne, a decision that delivered significant returns for them over the next few years.

Taking a fresh approach

When it comes to choosing recession- proof industries, locksmithing is a leader. Whether times are good or bad, there’s no stopping people locking themselves out of their cars, homes, or businesses.

But that doesn’t mean that a forward-thinking locksmith can’t benefit from a fresh approach to marketing. Locksmithing is often erroneously thought of as a service that markets itself, but with so many businesses offering such similar services, it’s essential to stand out. Good marketing for a locksmith aims for two things — establishing a loyal return customer base and building a brand that’s so strong, you become the default choice for new customers in your area.

ASAP Locksmiths first focused their marketing efforts on ranking for 60 keywords relevant to their core business, like 24-hour emergency locksmithing and car key replacement services. While rankings improved, the changes weren’t as significant as the company would have liked. So the decision was made to move to a .melbourne domain, in order to overcome issues like stagnating rankings resulting from website issues and Google algorithm updates.

Within a month of the move, ASAP Locksmiths saw their page one rankings jump by nearly a quarter (22%), including high-value keywords like “24-hour locksmith melbourne” and “emergency locksmith melbourne,” immediately raising their visibility significantly.

These gains continued in the months that followed, with more than a third (36%) of their tracked keywords reaching page one by the second month, and 60% of them reaching page one six months after the domain change.

Building a truly local business

While more and more businesses are considering geoTLDs like .melbourne for search engine optimisation purposes, there are a number of reasons to make the switch.

Having a personal connection to your customers is vital for any business. Whether it’s a shared philosophy or a common goal, having a starting point for building relationships is critical to fostering the kind of trust in someone that leads to them partnering with your or purchasing from you.

And for local businesses, a .melbourne helps forget an even stronger connection with a more relevant audience. With a .melbourne domain name, it’s crystal clear where you’re based and who you’re serving.

A local domain name also helps you stand out. ASAP Locksmiths is still ranking for the highly valuable ‘24 hour locksmith’ keyword. Not only does this automatically make them one of the first choices of nearly 5 million Melbournians who may lock themselves out of their home or business, they are the only business on page one with a .melbourne address. This sends a strong and immediate message to potential customers that ASAP Locksmiths is committed to their local area. It’s working, too. Since the switch, the business has seen a 68% increase in new users on their website and a 70% year-on-year improvement in sessions after implementing their .melbourne domain.

If your site is looking to increase its search rankings and reach more relevant customers, it might be time to switch to a .melbourne domain name.

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