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5 Website Blunders that could be costing you Visitors


The internet is one of the best ways to get your brand, product, service or message out to the masses, but it is also easy to skimp on a great website design in lieu of getting something up quickly. Sometimes this is the best first step, but don’t set and forget. Your website is the [...]

Top tips to Creating a Great Local Network


When you’re running a local business — especially in the early stages—networking isn’t something you do to boost business. Networking is your business. Every operator of a small business should network, not only because it’s important to know people but it’s essential to know the right people. An extensive network of people in your community is only part of [...]

Drive Online Conversions – 4 Tips to Merchandising your E-Commerce Storefront


If you think of the Internet as a real place. Websites would be like buildings, huge companies like Ebay or Amazon would be skyscrapers, but what about smaller websites? How do they compete for people’s attention against the Internet giants? Think of your website’s homepage as a shop’s storefront. Like a storefront competing with a [...]

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