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April 2018 Showcase

April 2018 Showcase

Every month, we highlight some of the coolest .melbourne sites we’ve seen around the web. We love seeing the diversity of businesses, organisations, and individuals making their mark online with a local domain extension. Here are a few that caught our eye in April.

Play Melbourne

We love how the team at Visit Victoria takes advantage of the .melbourne URL in this example. They’ve created a snappy web address that’s perfect for marketing materials but redirects to fit their usual naming convention.


Need someone to spend a little quality time with your pooch? LeadAstray caters to Melbourne’s four-legged residents by offering one-on-one attention, group walks with other dogs, or even a ride to the groomer. With a .melbourne TLD, there’s no mistaken where the business offers its services.

Dish & Spoon

This small and friendly meal delivery service brings fresh, home-cooked food right to your door. By using a .melbourne, they make it clear what city they’re feeding and drive home the message that these aren’t frozen meals; they’re locally made and eaten.

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