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New domain connects Melbourne’s prized heritage theatres

Standing out in Melbourne’s vibrant entertainment scene can be a challenge – there are so many things to see and do in Melbourne.

That’s why the Marriner Group has snapped up www.theatres.melbourne. Their new web address effectively connects locals and tourists with information about what’s on at Melbourne’s prized heritage theatres.

The Marriner Group has led the revival of Melbourne’s heritage theatres, saving several from being demolished for shopping centres. These grand old theatres continue to draw in large audiences from across Melbourne and Australia to experience the best in local and international productions.

“As the custodian of prized heritage venues such as the Regent and Princess theatres, Marriner Group plays host to many of the biggest shows of the entertainment world, like Once, The Lion King and Grease.


“There is no better promotional tool to showcase theatres in Melbourne than our new www.theatres.melbourne web address.”

– Glenn McGuinness, General Manager