The BMW brand symbolises elegance, technological sophistication and high performance.

The famed German marque proudly describes their vehicles as “The Ultimate Driving Machines”. Their marketing targets people excelling in their careers who have a taste for aspirational products and who value social status. When choosing a vehicle, this demographic is looking for superiority, performance, reliability and quality.

Local connection

Victoria’s premier dealership BMW Melbourne operates two showrooms—Southbank and Kings Way—as well as their own body shop and service centre with the latest in diagnostic technology.

For a business that aims to project an image that promises excellence, efficiency and high technology, the stylish, cutting-edge web address fits perfectly with their marketing strategy.

To further complement their digital efforts, BMW registered for their platforms. Both of these web addresses adopt a campaign-specific goal to leverage certain events within the company itself.

In the example of bmwi and bmwe, the web addresses were utilised to drive traffic through to landing pages for certain vehicles, accompanied by tailored content. This method is a clear-cut way of ensuring customers land on the most important pages for their queries, rather than them having to land on the homepage and further navigate through the site to find answers.

Furthermore, the strong local connection provided by the .melbourne top-level domain is particularly valuable to a business with a geographically defined customer base, such as BMW Melbourne’s. It provides an air of trustworthiness through a clear link to the local community, and because it is so simple, it is very easy for people to remember.

Stand out from the crowd

Currently, there are more than three million .au domain names registered. The greater availability of the relatively new .sydney and .melbourne domains means many valuable generic phrases and keywords are still available for registration at very reasonable prices—a competitive advantage for industry players.

And setting up a new .sydney or .melbourne web address for your small business or organisation doesn’t mean changes to your existing website either. For example, BMW Melbourne have maintained their existing website,, and use their new no-nonsense address to seamlessly direct traffic back to their homepage.

Furthermore, including locations in your SEO keywords is one way to improve your chance of being found in online searches. A .melbourne domain name lets you build that keyword straight into your domain name itself.

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